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"Lisa was so much more than just a tutor. She helped me to understand my son's disability, gave me practical suggestions, and even worked with the general classroom teacher so that my son could be successful."  - K. Schiner (Son 8).

"Lisa's ability to connect with my daughter and her talent to teach core concepts as well as more advanced abstract topics were superior. She created a welcoming and fun atmosphere for my daughter, and helped her to become more self confident."   -Oksana B. (Daughter 9) 

"Lisa identified a challenge Kyra has concerning time management and organizational skills. Lisa worked with Kyra and gave her strategies to become a more efficient learner."

-Marci T. (Kyra 11).

"Jenna had never been successful in reading and writing. Lisa has worked with her to develop strategies that Jenna now uses and is successful. I am so happy to see Jenna excited about reading and writing."  -Dana Y. (Jenna 11).

"Lisa's input has motivated my son Cole to have the confidence to rise to a more challenging academic setting. The study and organizational skills Lisa has taught my son, will be invaluable throughout Cole's life." -Donna P. (Cole 11).

"My son was struggling in kindergarten, with recognizing letters and their sounds. Additionally he was struggling with the basic understanding of numbers. Through various activities, Lisa was able to help him be more successful."  -P. Wagner (Son 5).

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